Monuments of St George Colegate

St George Colegate has one of the largest collections of monuments and family memorials in Norwich. At the centre of 'Norwich Over the Water' it was a natural choice for the many wool merchants that lived in Colegate and as such benefited from the generosity of such parishioners. Later this became a centre for the shoe industry but there is less evidence of any benefactors from this source.

The monument to Robert Jannys is one of earliest to be found in the Norwich churches and is the only one to be made in terra cotta. There are also examples of work from some of the major masons operating within the city including memorials to : Thomas Hall by Thomas Green of Camberwell, Thomas Pindar by Robert Singleton, Mary Lubbock by Robert Page, Timothy Balderstone by Thomas Rawlins and John Herring by John Bacon Junior. Although not attributed to John Ivory the memorial to John and Martha Dyball has all of his "signature" features i.e a central inscription panel, flanked by scrolled wing brackets, topped by an urn above a simple cornice, decorated by cherubs on the apron amd featuring a rosette/ flower with a curving stamen.

Monuments in St George Colegate

John Crome monument

However there are more than rich merchants remembered here. Buried in this church is one of England's greatest landscape painters, John Crome the leading artist of the Norwich School. Click the links below for more indepth information.

Date Name Link
1768-1821 John Crome link
1480-1530 Robert Jannys (Mayor 1517 & 1524) link
1749-1810 John Herring (Sheriff 1786 Mayor 1799) link

To view the memorials of other notables commemorated here click the . For a more readable view of the inscription click the

Monyments in St George Colegate

Date Name    
Timothy Balderston (Mayor 1736 & 1751)
Ann Balderston
monument Balderston monument Balderston
1684-1730 Thomas Blondel monument Blondel monument Blondel
Joannis Calvert
Mary Calvert
monument Calvert monument Calvert
Mary Dashwood monument Dashwood monument Dashwood
John Dyball
Martha Dyball
monument Dyball monument Dyball
Benjamin Dyball
Sarah Denny (nee Dyball)
monument Dyball monument Dyball
1768-1838 William Firth (Attorney General of Upper Canada) Firth monument Firth monument
1596-1669 William Greene Greene monument Greene monument
John Hall (Mayor 1701 & 1719)
Margaret Hall
Thomas Hall
Capt. william Hall
Jeremiah Hall
Hall monument Hall monument
Joseph Hammont
Henrietta Hammont
memorial Hammont memorial Hammont
1785-1828 Sarah Herring (nee Harvey) Herring monument Herring monument
????-1772 Joannis Howard Howard memorial Howard memorial
John Lougher
Mary Lougher
Lougher monument Lougher monument
1706-1729 Mary Lubbock Lubbock memorial Lubbock memorial
1754-1838 Edward Manning memorial Manning memorial manning
Philip Meadows (Mayor 1734)
Margaret Meadows
Philip Meadows
Meadows memorial Meadows memorial
Maria Minty
Edward Minty
Eleanor Smith
Minty monument Minty monument
Thomas Pindar
Mary Pindar
Pindar memorial  Pindar memorial
Richard Taylor
Margaret Taylor
Taylor monument Taylor monument
John Tuthill
Rachel Tuthill
Lucy Daniels (nee Tuthill)
Tuthill monument Tuthill monument
1766-1834 Sarah Tuthill Tuthill monument Tuthill monument
1800-1816 Sarah Elizabeth Tuthill Tuthill monument Tuthill monument
1767-1841 John Tuthill Tuthill monument Tuthill monument
Strip of angles at base of monuments
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