The Monuments of St George Tombland

There are many fine wall monuments from the seventeenth through to the early nineteenth centuries.

Of particular note is the beautiful monument to Mary Gardiner which was sculpted by Peter Scheemaker, who's monument to Shakespeare can be viewed in "Poet's Corner" in Westminster Abbey. Also in the church (unfortunately now posiitioned behind the organ) is Nicholas Stone's monument to Thomas Anguish, Stone's most famous work is the effigy of John Donne, which is displayed in St Paul's Cathedral.

The work of the Norwich School of Masons is also on display. John Ivory's signed monument to William Clarke is typical of his work consisting of a central inscription panel flanked by scrolled wing brackets with a pyramid and urn above a simple cornice. It also bears his favoured decoration a small rosette with a central curving stamen(may also be a stem)

Follow these links for a full description of the monuments and the people commemorated.

1536 - 1617 Thomas Anguish link
15xx - 1609 John Symonds link
1713 - 1748 Mary Gardiner link

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Date Name    
1628 - 1686
1655 - 1727
Francis Aylmer
Philip Aylmer
monument Aylmer monument Aylmer
1795 - 1827
1827 - 1827
1800 - 1875
Sarah Blake
Ellen Blake
Francis Blake
monument Blake monument Blake
1763 - 1819
1770 - 1854
Robert Ives Brown
Mary Ann Browne
monument Brown monument Brown
1790 - 1830 Henry Carter monument Carter monument Carter
1687 - 1752 William Clarke
(See summary above for further information on this monument)
monument Clarke monument Clarke
1777 - 1861
1788 - 1866
William Collyer
Harriet Collyer
imonument Collyer imonument Collyer
1730 - 1773
1739 - 1815
1767 - 1824

John Ives
Elizabeth Ives
John Ives
This monument makes use of brightly coloured marbles, which was a late eighteenth century fashion. Their daughter Harriett's tablet (see below) was designed as a pendant to the main monument, as it is surrounded by a border of the same yellow marble). Although not from the Ivory workshop it bares similar characteristics of their work.
monument Ives monument Ives
1769 - 1800 Harriett Ives monument Ives monument Ives
1703 - 1763
1712 - 1808
Samuel Johnson
Mary Johnson
monument Johnson monument Johnson
1683 - 1775
xxxx- 1754
Edward King
Sarah King
monument King monument King
1754 - 1831 Benjamin Kittmer monument Kittmer monument Kittmer
1690 - 1760
1694 - 1758
1731 - 1794
1738 - 1804
Thomas Maltby
Elizabeth Maltby
George Maltby
Mary Maltby DSC
monument Maltby monument Maltby
1679 - 1771
1671 - 1753
Robert Marsh
Martha Marsh
monument Marsh monument Marsh
1763 - 1819
1764 - 1825
William Cooch Pillans
Maria Cooch Phillans
monument Pillans monument Pillans
1795 - 1819 Susanna Seppings monument Seppings monument Seppings
1749 - 1819
1752 - 1818
Edward Squire
Ann Squire
monument squire monument squire
1769 - 1835
1769 - 1824
Francis Stone
Sarah Elizabeth Stone
monument stone monument stone
1774 - 1858
1778 - 1861
Charlotte Varlo
Louisa Varlo
monument Varlo monument Varlo
16xx - 1718
16xx - 1723

Elizabeth Yestis
Elizabeth Yestis
The monument was erected By Abraham Yestis to his two wives - both called Elizabeth. "Severall" of their children are also buried here.Abraham died in 1728, he was sheriff in 1719. Below the black slate monument is a pottery armorial achievement with the arms of Yestis and of his two wives ( hence the divsion of the shield into three)
The monument is notable for being a simple commemoration to the wives and children.
monument Yestis monument Yestis



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