The Monuments of St. Mary Coslany

Hyrne MonumentKurnbeck Monument

There are fine examples of monuments in St Mary Coslany covering evey century from the 16th through to the nineteenth

The best known is to Martinus Van Kurnbeck and his wife Joan. Unfortunately nothing is known of the couple, although it is assumed they were part of the "Stranger" community, who were so important to the Norwich sixteenth century economy (see Jacques de Hem). The monument has been attributed to a Norwich Workshop which operated 1570 - 1635 - other examples include the Johnson Monument (1611) in St Etheldreda. Similarly although little is known of the Hyrne monumentit is also assumed to be a product of local sculptures and can be compared to the Pettus monument (d1597) in St Simon & St Jude and the Sotherton Monument (d 1576) in St John Maddermarket.

Of the later monuments that dedicate to Thomas Hurnard (d1753) is signed by John Ivory a member of the Norwich School. The Monmuent bears Ivory's trademark consisting of a small rosette with a central curving stem/stamen

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Date Name    
1713 - 1785 Richard Boardman
Monument Boardman Monument Boardman
????-1601 Anne Claxton Monument Claxton Monument Claxton
1804-1842 Edward Daniell
Monument Daniell Monument Daniell
Edmond Finch
Mary Finch
 Monument Finch  Monument Finch

Peter Finch
Sheriff 1825, Mayor 1827
 Monument Finch  Monument Finch
Peter Finch
Bridget Finch
 Monument Finch  Monument Finch
Martin Fountain
Elizabeth Fountain
 Monument Fountain  Monument Fountain
1801 - 1860
William Hankes
Hannah Hankes
Edward Hankes
Elizabeth Jane Hankes
Charlotte Hawkes
 Monument Hankes  Monument Hankes

Thomas Hunnard
Thomas was a merchant who attained the rank of sheriff in 1739 and mayor in 1752. The monument was designed by John Ivory - see above
 Monument Hunnard  Monument Hunnard
xxxx - 1596
xxxx - 1584
Clement Hyrne
Margaret Hyrne
 Monument Hyrne  Monument Hyrne
xxxx - 1579

Martin van Kurnbeck
Joan Van Kurnbeck

 Monument Kurnbeck  Monument Kurnbeck
xxxx - 1298

Thomas de Lingcole
Inscription unreadable
William Rivers
Marion Rivers
 Monument Rivers  Monument Rivers
Thomas Wigg
Mary Wigg
Ann Mael Wigg
Sarah Hancock
Benjamin Hancock
 Monument Wigg  Monument Wigg

Hyrne and Kurnbeck monument

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